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Spice Up Your BBQ or Garden Party with Escapable's Portable Puzzle Boxes!

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Imagine the excitement of solving mysteries and cracking codes right in your backyard! Our portable puzzle boxes bring the thrill of escape rooms to your doorstep, along with a skilled Games Master to guide the adventure.


This is the home of Escapable escape rooms in Wakefield. We have some amazingly fun escape rooms for you to book. They are perfect for doing with friends, as a celebration for a special event or as a team-building exercise with your work colleagues. If you would like to check out availability and how to book, click here... 

"Best escape room in a long time! So much care and detail has been put into the rooms, and the puzzles really got us thinking! There were several moments of the game where I actually went WOW! We've played lots of escape rooms over the years and things in that room I have never come across before! Our Games Master was friendly, funny and fantastic at helping us with clues as and when we needed them. A brilliant experience. We will definitely return to play Titanic! Highly recommended!!"

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