What is an escape room and what can we expect?

You have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to try and make a successful escape from the room. You will have to work as a team to get through the quirky and hidden surprises the room has to offer. Each room has it's own theme and unique puzzles.

What age groups is it suitable for?

There is no set age limit for escape rooms, but due to the nature of the puzzles we normally recommend that anyone over the age of 12 will be ok, although we have families with children as young as 7 that still thoroughly enjoy it. You must be accompanied by an adult if you are under 16.

Is it scary or claustrophobic?

Our rooms aren't scary, they are designed to be able to be done by families, couples, and work colleagues, so we have tried our best to accomodate everyone. There is always an unlocked door that you can use to take a breather or have some space. You are never actually "locked in"

Are the games private?

Yes! your booking slot is just for your group!

What time do we need to arrive?

We ask that you arrive 15 mins before the actual booking time, this allows us time to run through the room briefing and also gives you chance to relax before the room and have a quick drink etc...

Is there parking?

Yes, we have free parking right outside the door!

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes! We often get asked for these for people that are looking for a unique and fun birthday gift, wedding present etc, you can find them here

Can I play if I am pregnant or have mobility issues?

Of course, the titanic room and the pirate themed escape box are perfect. We would advise against 'Outatime' due to the layout of the room and the physical nature of it (crawling/climbing) but please get in touch so we can explain in more detail, as it may still be possible.

Do you sell drinks?

Yes we now have an alcohol license so we can offer a limited selection of beers, wines and gin, as well as soft drinks.

Does this work for corporate team building?

Yes very much so, in fact its something we actively promote! We find its the perfect mix of fun and teamwork for groups to really get the most out of the experience. Please get in touch to discuss options

Can I cancel my booking?

With it being a live event, we don't offer cancelations, however if enough notice is given (7 days minimum) we can usually reschedule for another suitable date.

Are there toilets on site?

Yes indeedy doodily there is!