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Can we add additional players to existing bookings?

No problem! We can always add more people on the day of your game in-store. Just make the Games Master running your game aware you wish to add an additional person. (Please note, we can add people on, but we can't refund any players no longer attending. We also can't exceed the maximum amount of players allowed in a game). 

Can children play on their own, without an adult in the room?

Unfortunately not, we require at least one adult (25+) for every 4 children (0-16) in the room. This is to make sure we adhere to our Health & Safety procedures. Please note the game will not be allowed to go ahead without adult supervision. 

Can I have multiple games running at the same time?

We will always try our best to run games alongside each other where possible, however, this may not always be possible depending on other games booked that day. We'd advise booking well in advance, or getting in touch with us about running games simultaneously. Looking to book for corporate team building? We have a handful of packages available just for you! You can find out more here.

Do you have a waiting area for people not participating in the game? 

Unfortunately we do not have anywhere for people to wait, for friends or family to finish the game. Please only bring with you those who will be playing game. As anyone not playing will unfortunately be asked to leave.

I have another question...

Feel free to get in touch via Facebookphone or email and we'll get back to you asap!

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