"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! We had so much fun and Tom was so funny!!! 100% coming back! Thank you so much for making a night in a little more interesting than usual. Businesses like this are making a huge difference to the UK’s mental health right now. Thank you xxxxxx"

- Leanne


"This escape room was lots and lots of fun  clever and challenging without being difficult for difficult’s sake. The theming of the room and puzzles was great and our host was very friendly and helpful." - Tasha


"I’ve played a few remote “Box” games, this is where focus of the game is a single box, often with multiple locks and compartments.  This is one of the better ones, some clever puzzles and ideas that were cleverly implemented. The theming is pirates which is a winner for me and all the puzzles were in keeping.  It’s always great to be surprised by clever games, and this did several times" - James