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How Covid delayed us...

Nobody was really expecting a global pandemic, so for lockdown to be announced literally the week we were due to open our doors, was quite a big shock! Fortunately the week before, I was moving house and so we were going to delay our opening by a week or two, just to allow a bit of extra time to get the last few bits sorted and get the testing completed. The lockdown was announced, so all of a sudden we had more than just a week or 2!!!

This probably worked in our favour overall as it gave us more time to make a bit of a start on the other 2 rooms (plastering, first coat of paint etc). We had to down tools completely for the first few weeks to follow government guide lines, but as soon as we were allowed back, we started cracking on with the build. Anthony was down on his own for a few days getting the plaster on the walls, then on the days he wasn't there, we were down painting and building puzzles.

We hit a bit of snag, as there was a nationwide shortage of plaster! typical! So we couldn't finish the room for a while. That meant we could start writing and planning the other 2 rooms in more detail, and we are very exciting to launch them later in the year.

All in all its been a weird roller coaster of emotions and certainly wont be the big opening we had planned (due to social distancing etc) but never the less, we made it.... Hopefully we should be open mid July, providing government guidelines allow. See you all soon hopefully.

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