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THE Sequinned scandal:


  • Love Letter - Hint 1
    It appears as though Holly has received a love letter from a secret admirer... I wonder if there is anything hidden within?
  • Love Letter - Hint 2
    Make sure to read down the left hand side...
  • Email - Hint 1
    There appears to be random capital letters throughout the email... I wonder if they can help?
  • Email - Hint 2
    Hmm... when you start writing the capitals down starting from the top of the email, it appears to be beginning to form a sentence!
  • Email - Hint 3
    The sentence appears to be directing you to a specific... Line - Word - Letter
  • VIP Invite - Hint 1
    That invite... I wonder if it could be placed inside anything?
  • VIP Invite - Hint 2
    Try placing that invite within the white envelope you received... Those cuts on the envelope appear to be in some rather strange places...
  • The Fold - Hint 1
    The Fold beer mat appears to have different coloured dots on it...
  • The Fold - Hint 2
    I wonder what would happen if I try folding it so the coloured dots meet...
  • The Fold - Hint 3
    Start by folding the blue dots together... then orange to orange continue from then on!
  • Perfect House - Hint 1
    Could the statements on the back of that book help you locate the door?
  • Disco Party - Hint 1
    Try scanning that QR code...
  • Disco Party - Hint 2
    Did you listen to the Disco Diva playlist? Each song appears to have something in common.
  • Disco Party - Hint 3
    It appears we may need to dance our way across the dance floor....
  • Domino's Cypher - Hint 1
    Using the domino cypher... see if you can work out the sentence it's asking of you.
  • Domino's Cypher - Hint 2
    It appears to be a riddle... Is there a country in Asia it could relate to?
  • Culprit Anagram - Hint 1
    The Fold = ? Love Letter = ? Disco Party = ? Domino's Cypher = ? The Perfect House = ? VIP Invite = ? Email = ?
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