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Escapable - Geo Caching

Box Locations

What better way to spend an afternoon by combining a nice long walk, and the fun of finding something in an escape room... If you have never heard of Geo Caching, it is exactly that! Its a treasure hunt for the whole family!


We have hidden 5 Geo's around Ossett, each one has its very own QR code hidden inside, all you need to do is find all 5 and scan each QR code. Each one will take you to a webpage with a puzzle, you need to solve it, type the answer in the box and if correct, you will receive a secret letter from each one. We just ask that you put the boxes back where you found them for the next group!


Once you have all 5 letters, you can click the button below, enter the password (in lowercase) and receive a nice little reward from us!!


If you need a little clue, just send us a message through our Facebook page with one of the following hashtags....

#geobox1 #geobox2 #geobox3 #geobox4 #geobox5 

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